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web designers who deliver results – not just websites.

WhY This?

This is how you show your value without lowering your price.


WhY Lee Blue?

Lee has helped hundreds of web designers land five-figure clients.

Selling Websites Is Over

The days of making a decent living “selling websites” are over. The prices are just too low.

  • Wix $384/year
  • Squarespace $480/year
  • GoDaddy $300/year
  • Average WordPress site under $1,000

To get anywhere near 6-figures you’d have to double or triple these rates AND land a client every week.

But raising your prices that much will cause the client to either feel like they can’t afford it or it’s just a bad deal and they’ll go with someone less expensive.

Clients Need Results

Being a web designer today means delivering results – not just websites.

Unfortunately, most web designers are stuck with the outdated approach of “discovery calls” to figure out “what the client wants.”

The client is going to say they want a low-cost website.

Of course, what they really want is results – more leads, more clients, and more revenue.

The problem is most web designers are focused on selling their skills and the website’s features. So, the client is thinking about the cost of the website, not the value of the results.

It’s Not About Features and Page Counts

The key is to stop asking questions about the tech specs for the website such as:

  • How many pages do they want?
  • Do they need ecommerce?
  • Are they going to blog?
  • What other sites do they like?
  • etc.

Instead, shift their thinking to what their real goals are and what the value would be to them if they could start achieving those results.

Make that shift and the value of your projects will skyrocket and everybody will be winning.

Flip The Offer

The trick is to take what most web designers are doing – but do it backwards. We call this concept Flip The Offer.

You just need to do two things:

  1. Provide both web design and a marketing plan
  2. Emphasize the marketing plan, not the website

Most web designers hook the client with the website and then try to upsell a maintenance plan. Most clients do not buy the upsell.

So, Flip The Offer. Get the client excited about the results of the marketing plan and then upsell the website.

Offering at least a basic marketing plan means the client will be supported in a way that focuses on results. It also means you will at least triple the value of the project by getting your client on a monthly plan.

Why It Works

The Flip The Offer concept emphasizes the marketing plan (results) over the website (technical services) which differentiates you from all of the other low-cost alternatives.

Keep the focus on results and upsell the website by saying something like, “In order for this marketing plan to be the most effective, we’re going to need to make some updates to the website.”

Focusing on results eliminates the competition from Wix, Squarespace, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. and puts you in your own new category.

The less expensive competitors are just selling websites.

You are serving clients by giving them the results they actually need.

Who Am I?

After almost 20 years running my own web design business, studying hundreds of client questionnaires, and coaching hundreds of web designers on how to land five-figure clients, I have developed a set of questions specifically designed for value pricing web design that support the Flip The Offer strategy.

These questions get the client thinking about the value of the results NOT the cost of a website.

I also got sick of giving my best ideas and strategies away for free. So, I created a new way to meet with clients so they commit to the project in the price range I want before I spend any time working on the proposal.

Some of my students more than double the value of their average project in one day just by changing the questions they ask their clients.

We have used this system so effectively and for so long that I’m 100% confident this will deliver over 10X its value to any web designer who is dedicated to delivering results (not just websites) to their clients.

3 Ways You’ll Get Value


Better Clients

The obvious way you’ll get value is by landing much larger projects. The entire point of this course is to dramatically increase your rates by value pricing web design rather than selling websites by the page or by the hour.  This leads to better projects, better clients, and a better business.

Charge For Strategy

Web design “implementation” is the least valuable component of your offer because it is the easiest to replace. If you’re not getting paid for your ideas and strategies you’re leaving most of the money on the table. Stop giving away all your ideas for free. 


Save Time

You’ll get 10X the value of this course in time savings alone because you’ll see how to pre-qualify clients AND get them to commit to the project in the price range you want BEFORE you spend any time working on the proposal.

Value Pricing Means Moving Upstream


Moving downstream means connecting with your client late in their project development cycle when they are primarily looking for technical skills.

This is where most web designers meet their clients which means:

  • Generic market (high competition)
  • Focus on technical skills (selling websites)
  • Low-budget prices (one-time projects)


Moving upstream means connecting with your client early in their project development cycle when they are thinking about and feeling stuck in their problems.

This is where strategic marketing consultants meet their clients which means:

  • Targeted market (lower competition)
  • Focus on results (serving clients)
  • High-ticket prices (plus recurring revenue)

Better Results For Everyone

The purpose of this course is to equip you with the questions you need to be asking to move your client upstream so that you are positioned both to deliver the best results and to maximize your earning potential.

Course Description

What’s Included

This is a 1-hour video course that takes you in-depth into exactly what questions you should be asking when you meet with clients so you don’t get stuck just “selling a website” and instead create an opportunity to serve the client at a much deeper and more valuable level.

This course will show you how to use your web design skills to solve much bigger problems than just building a website.

Better results for your client means higher rates for you.

My 10X Guarantee

Start using these questions to lead your clients with integrity as described in this course. Give yourself a few meetings to practice and if you feel like what you learned won’t 10X your investment in this course I’ll refund you 100%.

Topics Covered

You Will Discover

  • How value pricing web design can more than triple the value of your work compared to just “selling websites.”
  • How to get the client to commit to the project BEFORE you spend time working on the proposal.
  • How to show your value without lowering your price.
  • What metrics to look for in high-value clients
  • 5 red flags for unqualified leads
  • How to set budget expectations through price anchoring
  • How to get paid for strategy (not just your skills)
  • The difference between what you ask established businesses vs. start-ups
  • and more…

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like selling, will this still work?

I don’t like selling either. I prefer telling people how I can serve them and then letting them decide what’s best for them.

Upstream Questions shows you how to demonstrate your value without being pushy and without ever feeling “salesy.” 

I'm not sure how to price my work, will this help?

Yes. We will go over price anchoring as well as how to think through what you want to include in your packages.

How is this different from what I'm already doing?

We’re going to be focusing on five things.

  1. How to work with fewer clients at a higher price so you don’t have to generate leads all the time.
  2. How to get recurring revenue from every client which brings more stability to your cash flow.
  3. How to keep the focus on serving (not selling) which results in higher-paying, more satisfied, better clients.
  4. How to get the client to commit to the project at the price you want before working on the proposal saving you tons of time.
  5. How to maximize your value by charging for strategy rather than giving away all your ideas for free and only charging for implementation.
I'm great at landing clients once we meet, do I need this?

I literally guarantee that this course will increase the value of your projects. If you’re already great at landing clients, value pricing your work will help you land clients at higher price points while also making sure you’re getting recurring revenue from every client.

What if my clients can't afford higher prices?

From my experience, most of the time clients have the ability to afford higher prices but they don’t want to overpay for a website.

This course will show you how to identify those clients. You’ll also discover how to identify unqualified leads before you waste time working on their proposals.

Occasionally, there will be clients who legitimately can’t afford a high-end package but they are still good clients. For those situations, here are three ways to serve clients with small budgets.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. I back this up with my 10X ROI money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel like this course delivers 10X its value, it’s free. That’s my promise to you.

What People Are Saying

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100% money-back guarantee

Lee Blue

Lee Blue is a business coach for web designers who are tired of working with nit-picky clients on exhausting, low-budget projects and are ready to build their own 6-figure businesses with a portfolio of five-figure clients.

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If you don’t think you’ve gotten 10X the value, just let me know and I’ll refund you.